About Us

Our Philosophy- Our priority is providing quality innovative and cutting edge products so you can stay ahead of the trends

A Partnership- We are your strategic growth partner. Today’s active and healthy lifestyles demand the best nutirtion and supplementation. With a dynamic and ever changing landscape of trends and options, we understand the need to offer innovative and leading edge products to maintain your competitive advantage.

The team at UniGlo Manufacturing has over 60 years experince in manufacturing and formulation services, allowing us to to meet your unique requirements with outstanding service. We have two manufacturing facilities in Tempe Arizona.

Custom Formulations- We strive to help you achieve your goals. It is essential to have quality product delivered when and where you need. Our team listens to your goals and learns the unique dynamics of your business so we can build a plan around you. Ask about our end-to-end product development, Rapid-Response Production, and custom supply management strategies designed to support your growth.

Private Label Manufacturing- Let us focus on material sourcing, quality testing, manufacturing and packaging while you focus on all the other aspects of your business. If you are looking to transition your current strategy, expand into additional capacity, or for turnkey solutions to get your product done efficiently, we can help you!

Quality Standards- From development through manufacturing and packaging, our strict quality control procedures offer the assurance you need for your customers to feel confident in the no-compromise quality of your products and brand. Our specially trained staff handles all general quality testing in-house, and can develop unique testing requirements for your specific products. Each step, from identification, analytical and microbial evaluation to heavy metal, mineral and vitamin assay, is managed by our team to ensure the highest standards are met.